Strengthened by Trial. . . Overwhelmed by Grace


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Rachel, thank you SO much for opening your blog and allowing me to share one of my testimonies. And readers, thank you for spending your precious time with me.

My husband’s heart attack came out of nowhere. He was only thirty-eight and completely healthy. For him, it came down to genetics. And it came down to God’s grace in saving him that terrifying night.

As you can imagine, I was a mess. Here I was, in my thirties, with two kids, and the rock of our family was heading into a serious surgery. But that entire time, God was with us. I cried out to Him, and He heard. He healed. He comforted. Never had King David’s cries to the Lord felt truer to me.

Out of that dark night, and the weeks and months following, as we returned to a “new normal”, I began seeing the good that came from my husband’s health scare. Because of that trial we all drew closer to God. We reexamined our priorities. For years before this, I had been praying his job would be less stressful, and that the Lord would lead him to baptism.

A job opportunity arose for him, that only the good Lord could have provided. Had my husband not gone through what he did, I don’t think he would have taken it. The new position was a total shift from the corporate ladder he’d been climbing his entire career. This new job was and continues to be a miracle. Gone are the late hours and working weekends. Gone is the stress that plagued him.

A year later we were at an outdoor baptism ceremony for our oldest son. God spoke to my husband in an undeniably awesome way (And boy, is that another testimony to share another time.). That day he went forward and publicly declared his allegiance to Jesus.

Besides those two major blessings, this trial has also helped in my writing as a Christian romance author. It’s opened my eyes to showing more of God’s grace and mercy in my stories, and how instrumental He is. It’s brought an authenticity to my character’s relationships with each other, and God.

There are still health issues plaguing my husband. But the positives that sprouted, and continue flourishing because of God’s grace and love, outweigh the negatives. God is good, my friends. And ever faithful.

About the Author:

P1080922.jpgRebekah Millet is an award-winning author of contemporary Christian romance novels. Although she considers herself a plot-driven writer, her characters have a tendency to highjack her plans. A New Orleans native, she loves injecting her colorful culture into her stories. You can find Rebekah on all social media platforms where she frequently interacts with followers and fangirls over her own favorite authors.

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14 thoughts on “Strengthened by Trial. . . Overwhelmed by Grace

    1. Thank you Emily! It was very scary that night, and especially the days and weeks following as other complications followed. But God was always with us. We wouldn’t have gotten through it without Him. He really does want good for us. 🙂

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  1. I went through a similar trial with my husband last year; he spent nine days in the hospital right after Christmas battling a severe infection. It was pretty scary, but I could see God’s provision even in the midst of it. Good will doubtless still come out of it, and will continue for a long time. Thanks for sharing!

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  2. You two are blessed for sure. My ex husband and I lost a friend years ago to a heart attack. That friend was around 39 at the time. We were in our mid 30s at that time. But still God is good. God performs some amazing miracles. I survived head trauma from an accident 26 years ago when a semi collided with a pick up I was in. God continue to bless you and your husband and prayers for continual healing.

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    1. Teresa, thank you for sharing. I’m so sorry for the loss of your friend. Tragedy can seem so senseless, but God’s plan isn’t over. And what a miracle in surviving your head trauma. Thank you for your prayers, I’ll be praying for you as well.

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  3. Hey Everyone! Thank you so much for taking the time to read my testimony and opening your hearts to share some of your own. I also appreciate those who signed up for my newsletter. Y’all rock! 🙂

    After a random drawing, the winner of the Amazon gift card is Teresa! Congrats Teresa! I’ll email you the gift card today 🙂 I hope you all have a blessed week.

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