More Than Just Another Ornament


IMG_9221 2

I open the ornament tub and am greeted by an old friend. The small box beams up at me with its crinkled edges and yellowed plastic. I slip the ornament out of its house, careful not to disrupt the thinned cardboard, and observe the ornament by the lights of the tree. The once shiny metal has dulled, and the face of the bell is brushed with orange rouge from corrosion. The plastic figurines are still embracing, but the girl’s fingers are chipped, exposing slivers of pink.

It’s beautiful.

When my husband and I purchased it, we were newlyweds. Recently planted in Oklahoma, a thousand miles away from our hometowns, it was definitely a leave-and-cleave period of our lives. The month before our very first Christmas, we debated back and forth about getting a tree for the holiday. After all, it was $80! Plus tax! A purchase like that was HUGE for us back then. But we nabbed it from Wal*Mart and bought our first ornament to hang on its artificial boughs.

Over the span of three pregnancies (with a baby in glory) and five moves, this six-dollar gem had witnessed fifteen Christmases from its lofty perch. It has absorbed the wails of infants, the exuberant squeals of toddlers, and the giggles of children.

On the front, the words Our First Christmas Together 2002 are engraved.

This ornament is a testament of a love that’s been celebrated, tested, strengthened, and refreshed more than the barren earth in spring rains. I gaze at it and am encouraged.


Such a small word for such an expansive meaning.

Like every couple, my husband and I have experienced laughter and pain, defeat and victory. Many sobs. Many embraces. Many smiles. Many kisses. I’ve gained a fondness for football and golf (well almost golf. ;)) And he’s spoiled me by enduring my passionate admiration for watching costumed drama. Two become one. Our lives have blended, our souls entwined. Together.

So obviously it’s our fifteenth Christmas as a couple. I’m blessed to have acquired so many memories and am eager to take on more as our hearts are committed to Jesus and each other.

Do you have a special ornament? What is its significant value?


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