Blind Spot Review



Having not read the previous stories in the series, I kinda came late to the party with this book. But! I had no trouble following along and was engaged from page one. This was my first experience with Dani Petry’s writing, and I was amazingly impressed with how she crafted this novel.

Here’s the blurb:

FBI agent Declan Grey is in the chase of his life–but isn’t sure exactly what he’s chasing after. Threatened by a terrorist that “the wrath is coming,” Grey fears something horrible is about to be unleashed on American soil. When his investigation leads him to a closed immigrant community, he turns to Tanner Shaw to help him. She’s sought justice for refugees and the hurting around the world, and if there’s anyone who can help him, it’s Tanner.

Tanner Shaw has joined the FBI as a crisis counselor . . . meaning she now has more opportunity to butt heads with Declan. But that tension also includes a spark she can’t deny, and she’s pretty sure Declan feels the same. But before anything can develop between them, they discover evidence of a terror cell–and soon are in a race against the clock to stop the coming “wrath” that could cost thousands their lives

My thoughts:

First off, I don’t usually read romantic suspense. I think I only read one before this. Seriously. Reason being is that I tend to get too enraptured in the story and don’t particularly like feeling anxious and edgy because of tense scenes. So previously I shied away from this genre. But, this story was truly enamoring. It had two plots running simultaneously, and I never got lost. Yes, some parts were intense but the author was kind enough to give me some breathing room with a touch of lightheartedness through the interactions of the characters.

There was no doubt of the chemistry between the main characters. I loved how protective Declan was over Tanner. (Even though she was perfectly capable of handling dangerous situations, it was a tender gesture.) The romance was believable and fast-paced like the entire story. That’s not a bad thing. With this story, it worked.

It was skillfully plotted and kept me guessing as to who the suspects were and when they’d strike. What I thought was ridiculously clever was the ending. No spoilers here, but man, the author left such a cliffhanger that I scoured Amazon to see when the next book is to be released.

*I received this book for the publisher. All opinions are my own.


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