Soul Reflections

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This morning I was rushed.

My kids attend two different schools which thankfully have different drop-off times, but it still makes for a hectic start of the day. Throughout the morning, I dashed back and forth trying to get ready between tending to the kiddos breakfast, untying double-knotted shoes, locating glasses, etc. Though interrupted several times, I managed to flat-iron my hair and apply my makeup in front of my huge bathroom mirror. But it wasn’t until things slowed down, that I saw it. The entire lower portion of the mirror was grimy—spotted with what I suspected to be a blend of toothpaste and water. Most likely my kids smacked their half-soaked toothbrush repeatedly on the sink, coating the mirror with murky dots.

But. . . it was there all morning. It could have been there since last night. I never noticed.

How come?

I was busy. In a hurry. It wasn’t until I took the time, that I noticed.

Which got me thinking.

What does the reflection of my soul look like? Am I spending enough time inspecting for cleanliness or am I too rushed to tend to the task? Is my soul spotted from the world’s residue and I just can’t see it when I’m in a hurried state?

I observed it takes diligence, but being protective over my heart is never wasted time. This includes time in prayer, reading my Bible, reflecting on His mercy and goodness. Yes, there may be a mountainous pile of laundry or an inbox full of unread emails screaming for my attention, but I can’t neglect what’s vital for the strengthening of my spirit.

Awhile back my husband asked me, “Why are you always go go go? Doesn’t that make you tired?” I thought about what he asked. And the answer was yes. I’d feel drained from the inside-out but resigned myself into accepting it. I mean, if I didn’t complete these tasks, they never got done. There’s only so many hours in a day, right?

But truth is, we make time for what we want to make time for. I’d discover that setting my alarm for an earlier time helped give me extra moments with Jesus before the rush of the morning sets in. If I cut back on social media, then I can use that time to pray. In the car on my way to the schools, I’d listen to worship music to direct my thoughts into a holy vein.

When I practice this way of life, it may still seem busy, but it’s peaceful. Do I have it all together? Ummm . . . no. But by His grace, I’m learning. Trusting. Seeking out His whispers in the chaos. Holding His hand through the riotous haze. So at the end of the day, the reflection of my soul doesn’t expose the world’s grime, but reveals His presence in my life.

*photo credit: Mike Wilson



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