Living Beyond “I can’t”




The can’t can.

My dance instructor had it decorated in pinks and blues but my nine-year-old self saw the horrid thing as the black spot of my ballet class. If I, or any other classmate, would say “I can’t,” then we’d have to feed the can’t can a nickel. For every offense. Unfortunately, my tongue would spit those two words out faster than I could bend my legs for a demi-plié, and I’d have to shell out my allowance to cover my infractions. But over time, it trained me to be careful with both my thoughts and words. As much as I hated the can’t can, I had learned to appreciate its value. It kept me from placing limitations on myself.

There are no limitations to the mind except those we acknowledge.

I read this quote by Napoleon Hill today and was reminded of my daughter.

Yesterday, she was working on her journal for school. At the very bottom of the page, she was instructed to draw a picture about what she wrote. In the past, she’d become discouraged if she were to draw anything. She would’ve handed me the pencil and begged to work on something else.

But yesterday was different.

Determination filled her eyes, and she wielded her pen as a girl on a mission. I watched her take her time and sketch a picture of Larry the Cucumber—the subject of her journal entry. When she was finished she glanced up at me, joy illuminating her face, and declared, “I can do something!”

I hugged her tight and told her she can do many many things. I then quoted Philippians 4:13 which says – I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.

This happy event caused me to wonder. God said in that verse that we can do ALL things. And again, in Matthew 19:26, Jesus tells his disciples, “With God all things are possible.”


Which brings me to the conclusion. . . if we have limitations, then we are the ones who established them. The walls of restriction were built with our own doubts, fears, and past regrets. Brick by brick until we’ve enclosed ourselves within its borders.

Fear is a major ally to crippling limitations. Some may be afraid of failure. Others may be scared of what others might say or think. Fear has several different avenues, but it will always land you on the street of disappointment. When you don’t follow the stirring in your heart, you’ll find yourself dissatisfied.

I think it’s time for many of us to break free. Banish the word can’t from our vocabulary and say what God says—can. We serve a limitless God who delights in taking us beyond the barriers. Let’s allow Him do it!

So that’s my word for today – boundless. Go forth and be awesome!


3 thoughts on “Living Beyond “I can’t”

  1. Thanks for an encouraging post! I teach Art, and it amazes me how some of the kids are already sure they can’t do it, even as elementary students. I always try to encourage them that it’s about growing the gifts God has given THEM, not comparing their gifts to somebody else’s.
    Here’s to a ‘can’t free’ day 🙂

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