Corn dogs and Jesus




Strange title, I know, but hopefully you’ll get the connection soon.

Last Thursday, my little boy cam home from school famished. I kindly told him he needed to wait for dinner. It wasn’t going to be long. An hour at most. He worked on his homework and then came back downstairs grasping at his stomach and in a whiny voice said, “Mom, I’m sooooo hungry. Can I at least have a corn dog?”

“Dinner is very soon. Like in ten minutes.” I replied, “Don’t settle for a corn dog when you can have steak.”

Steak is my son’s favorite meal in the universe. A huge smile split his face and he bounced back upstairs. He was happy to wait, because he knew something better would be on his plate.

But it had me thinking. How often do we settle for a corn dog when we’re so close to having steak? God has so much good planned for us. He prepares a table before us topped with everything we need and often desire, but the problem is we don’t want to wait. We want our spiritual bellies filled now. Our dreams to be reality now. We may be so super close to the very thing we desire, but our impatience gets the best of us and we settle for something that isn’t God’s best.

I heard a term long ago, “If it’s not quite, then it’s not right.” I referred to this phrase a lot when we were hunting for our first house. Before we viewed anything, my husband and I made a practical checklist of everything we wanted in our future home. We looked at so many places, but each property had at least one, maybe two, things missing from our list. Maybe it’d had a nice yard, but not enough storage space. Or it had a lot of kitchen cabinets, but the bedrooms were small. We grew impatient. Frustrated. Yet, we knew this was a major investment, and we couldn’t just settle for less than we need. So we waited. One day, our agent called us about a house that came on the market that very afternoon. When we got there and looked around, we knew it was ours. It had everything on our list. Great lay-out, large bedrooms, nice neighborhood, walk-in closets, fenced yard, etc. We put a bid on it that evening and we nabbed it.

We can apply this to many areas in our life. God wants the best for us, but He won’t force us to trust Him. No, it’s up to us to judge Him faithful who promised and choose to follow our hearts even when our impatient brains scream at us.

Rest and Trust. Two small words with huge rewards. So friend, don’t settle for a corn dog when Jesus wants you to have steak. 😉


8 thoughts on “Corn dogs and Jesus

  1. Hi Rachel, I followed the link to your website from your comment yesterday on the Steve Laube Agency blog. I just wanted to tell you that I’m pretty sure the Holy Spirit spoke to me through your post “Corn Dogs and Jesus.” This has to do with my own writing/publishing decisions. Of course, your message has a lot of applications, but I kinda have a feeling it was timely for me that particular day because of a course of action I was considering, a path that might just prove to be a corn dog when there’s a steak waiting, if I’ll just be patient. Certainly, your post drove me back to prayer over the matter, so thanks for the ministry! God bless you. Lisa

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