He Loves Me





“He loves me. He loves me. He loves me.”

The sweet sound of my daughter’s voice filled my ears as she plucked petals from a daisy.  Moments before, I’d demonstrated to her one of my childhood pastimes with my favorite flower. (Although I purposefully refrained from mentioning that “he loves me not” is part of the original diversion.) The emphasis I was trying to make with this little object lesson is that no matter what He—God—loves me.

God loves me.

It’s easy to remember this beautiful fact when times are sunshiny golden, but what about when the storms roll in? When those clear blue skies that made you whistle and skip are now black, threatening? What do you do?

Remember that you’re not alone. God loves you.

There’s a dynamic force behind the word love. Love is what caused God to create man in the first place. He fashioned us in His very own image. Love is what caused Jesus to make the move from heaven to earth to redeem us when we were lost. Love is personal. Yes, He views galaxies and makes His throne among legions of angels, but His thoughts of me outnumber the sand. It’s hard to fathom, but it’s real nonetheless.

I’m coming to realize that the more I understand how much God loves me, the more my faith seems to grow. Being a parent has helped me comprehend way more. For instance, when my kids were younger I had rules for their protection. Like never go outside without Mommy or Daddy. Or never answer the door by yourself. Every rule was because I loved them and didn’t want any harm to come to them. Some may say the Bible is filled with rules, but I see it as breathing love. It’s a guide for our protection.

I heard someone say that you can put the tag – Because He loves me—after every scripture we read in the Bible. Mainly because God and His Word are one, and God is love. Like Matthew 19:26. With God all things are possible. . . because He loves me. God didn’t give me a spirit of fear but of power, love, and a sound mind. . . because He loves me. Even discipline scriptures like in Philippians where it tells us not to worry about anything. Why? Because He loves you. He’s there with you in the midst of your circumstance. And even add the tag to the verse—Do everything without murmuring and complaining. . .because He loves me. God knows that sin injures His children, separates them from Him and His precious love.

I know I was repetitive in this post, but believe me it was deliberate. I don’t think we could hear that enough. My husband tells me “I love you” all throughout the day. He texts it, ends phone conversations with it, whispers it to me before I drift asleep. I never tire of it. Ever. The same way it should be with us and God. We need to be reminded constantly that God loves us. Then when adverse situations appear, instead of lowering our head in defeat, we lift our chins to the One who loves us. It’s both comfort and strength.

He loves you, friend.

Never forget.


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