A Note Yet Unsung



I had the fabulous privilege of reviewing Tamera Alexander’s A Note Yet Unsung, and let me say this book had it all—dynamic characters, enamoring settings, and a gushing romance.

Here’s the blurb:

A master violinist trained in Vienna, Rebekah Carrington manages to wheedle her way into an audition with the new maestro at the Nashville Philharmonic. But women are “far too fragile and frail” for the rigors of an orchestra, and Rebekah’s hopes are swiftly dashed when the conductor–determined to leave his mark on the world of classical music–bows to public opinion. To make matters worse, Adelicia Cheatham, mistress of Belmont Mansion and Rebekah’s new employer, agrees with him.

Nationally acclaimed conductor Nathaniel Tate Whitcomb is Nashville’s youngest orchestra leader. And despite a reluctant muse and a strange buzzing and recurring pain in his head, he must finish composing his symphony before the grand opening of the city’s new symphony hall. Even more pressing, he must finish it for the one who first inspired his love of music–his dying father. As Tate’s ailment worsens, he knows Rebekah can help him finish his symphony. But how can he win back her trust when he’s robbed her of her dream?

My Thoughts

This is the very first story I’ve read by Tamera Alexander and I was overwhelmingly surprised. Because I’ve been involved with music most of my life, I was drawn in by the overall theme. The author did a brilliant job intertwining musical terms and definitions—she definitely knew her stuff!

Like I said above, the characters were dynamic. Right away I was intrigued by Rebekah’s spunk and yet held a note of compassion when I read about her family situation. And Tate…well…I thought I had his character pegged, but as I continued to read on, I discovered I was completely wrong. (I’m avoiding spoilers here 😉

The author also sprinkled in some beautiful lines. When describing the sound of water—Ancient but never old. I love that! And the entire story was filled with these little gems, keeping me turning the pages.

The storyline itself moved brilliantly and the twists and turns along the way made it such an enjoyable read! Plus, there were some emotional scenes that pulled me right in. The spiritual thread of overcoming hardship and following after the dream God placed in your heart resonated with me. It truly was a mesmerizing story and it’s one of my favorites I’ve read so far this year. I recommend this book and this author.

About the author

Tamera Alexander is a USA Today bestselling author and one of today’s most popular writers in the historical fiction genre. She and her husband live in Nashville, Tennessee, not far from the Southern mansions that serve as the backdrop for six of her award-winning novels. For more about Tamera’s books, visit http://www.TameraAlexander.com

So yeah, this book was fiction form Godiva chocolate and if you’d like to purchase it click here.

*I was given a complimentary copy. All opinions are my own.



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