Letting Go


What you’re reading is my third attempt at this blog post. First I tried something deep, emotion-filled, but it turned out cheesy. Next, I endeavored to tell a story, but that fizzled out as well.

I’m sitting here, searching my “brainfiles,” combing through scenarios and situations that I can forge into a decent post. I came up with nothing. Zilch.

This past month had been so draining both physically and emotionally, I considered not posting at all. Because really—what can I offer?

Then I thought of the boy with two fish and five loaves of bread. Here are thousands of hungry people. Have you ever been in a crowd that large? (Early in our marriage, we went to Daytona for a NASCAR race and there were thousands in the stands.) So I visualize the great multitude and then picture the small boy’s lunch. That measly meal compared to the expansive group of people looked laughable. Ridiculously impossible. Yet what did the child do? He put it in God’s hands. Then a miracle happened.

Our dreams and goals may seem impossible. Maybe a thousand hindrances are blocking the road to our goals. Or a multitude of challenges stretch before us. It’s time to release the death-grip we have on our own meager ability and placing it into God’s massive palm. Letting go of our tiny, not-even-close-to-being-enough talent, and trusting that HE can make something of it to bless others. A willing heart is all it takes for a miracle. 🙂


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