My One Year Blogiversary



One year! Had 12 months really passed by since my very first post? Facebook is telling me yes and kindly brought the memory to my newsfeed. 🙂 So yay! * Tosses virtual confetti * Thank you for joining me for my One Year Blogiversary!

Oh friend, I remember the dread that snaked around my heart when I considered starting my own blog. All the pinching thoughts. Would anyone care to read it? Do I have anything worthy to say? Could I really commit to keeping this thing going? Around and around it went like a spastic carousal, until I let God settle the matter for me. His peace overwhelmed me, giving me the courage I needed to hit the PUBLISH button on my very first post.

So here we are a year later! Lots of things had transpired in my writing world. I finished, like really finished, my manuscript I’ve been working on for eight years. (I did take a break to care for my children during that span, but yes, eight long years. Sigh.)  I won my first writing contest from the ACFW PA great Beginnings contest. I also was a finalist in the national ACFW First Impressions contest and the Phoenix Rattler contest. I’ve met some really great people along the road of this writing journey! Really, these people have encouraged and strengthened me not only as a writer but as a person as well.

And so I just want to thank you! Thank you, dear reader, for sticking with me over the course of this year! Your comments on each post are so valuable. Your shares are appreciated more than you know. ❤

So what’s a Blogiversary Party without a prize, right? I’m giving away a copy of Susan May Warren’s newest release Rescue Me. (Which I had the pleasure to review for Revell Publishing, and will post my review on a future post!) So leave a comment below to be entered. I’ll announce the winner next week 🙂

If you want to check out my first post click here!



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