Living Beyond Yesterday


C.S. Lewis said, “There are far, far better things ahead than any we leave behind.”

Honestly, there was a time when I had difficulty believing this. When I was younger, I had little problems in my world, if any. No trials. No complications.

Then reality hit like a punch to the gut. Circumstances threatened to swallow me whole, leaving nothing but devastation in its wake.

My strength depleted and it was a fight to get through the day. I envied my previous times of simplicity, longing for that ease to return.

When the wind blows furiously, the tree extends its roots, digging deeper than before. That was what I had to do. I faced the challenge of the moment, but I discovered as I pressed on, His grace pressed in my heart. I learned to rely on a confidence braver than my own, and a wisdom smarter than my own. In the struggle, I found mercy. In the ferocious rage of the storm, I found a new hiding spot—under the shadow of His Wings.

Even though years back my life was simpler and easier, it wasn’t as glorious as my imagination had portrayed. For one, I was completely oblivious to life. Almost apathetic. And two, I couldn’t beat my way out of a wet paper bag. When life had roared, I’d cowered. But now, that I’ve tasted the trials, drank from the well of adversity, I had found that it couldn’t cripple me, because God’s strength was made perfect in my weakness.

He took the fragmented, brittle pieces of my life and forged them into a stronger, more resilient existence. No, I wasn’t thankful for the circumstance but I’m overwhelmingly grateful to my God who’d not only shown up for the fight, but stood right there in the ring with me, being the power behind each punch.

So bring on 2017. I expect far, far better things than this past year, because I serve a God who can do exceedingly abundantly above all I can ever ask, think or dream. 🙂


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