Maiden of Surrender

Young Mary in christmas nativity scene

Lately, I’ve been pondering over the idea of surrender. And with the holiday approaching, I’ve been zeroing in on Mary the mother of Jesus.

As a young maiden she was betrothed to Joseph, a carpenter who lived in Nazareth. Most likely Mary’s days were filled with thinking and preparing for the upcoming ceremony. Then something unexpected occurred.

An angel visited her relaying the Almighty’s message- You will conceive in your womb and bring forth a Son and shall call His name Jesus.

I couldn’t begin to imagine the impact of the angel’s words had on her heart. Having a visitation from an angelic being is miraculous enough, but then to discover she’ll give birth to the Son of God? Talk about mind-blowing!

The angel ends his message with a holy punch! “For with God nothing will be impossible.” Do you believe that? Life has a way of hardening our hearts. Trials strive to desensitize our faith. But the fact remains—Nothing is too hard for Him.

Consider Mary. She’d probably woken up that morning feeling like any other day. Going through her routine. Nothing out of the ordinary. But one moment, one divine encounter, drastically changed her life forever. She had a heart for miracles. But what did it take? The answer lies in her response. “Behold the maidservant of the Lord! Let it be to me according to your word.” Surrender. She yielded her will, and God moved.

And that’s all He needs to work with in our lives, too. A surrendering heart. When we line ourselves up with Him and His Word, the miracles follow.

I mean, that’s how we got saved, right? We yielded our hearts to His saving power, accepting His word at face-value that we were forgiven. And an enormous miracle occurred—redemption. What if we applied this concept to other areas of our lives? Surrendering our will in both the little things and the big?

I truly believe if we make room for him, He’ll come occupy our lives at a greater level and bring along His miracles. :


2 thoughts on “Maiden of Surrender

  1. Thanks for this encouragement, Rachel! I like that you wrote about our salvation as a miracle. I think there’s a temptation to not think of it that way, but, as I heard a pastor say it once, what isn’t miraculous about a soul that was dead being raised to life in Christ? It’s as miraculous (or more!) as seeing a literal body being raised from the dead!


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