The Thanksgiving Challenge




Lately, I’ve been aware of the negativity swarming my life. Yes, it’s every time I browse through my Facebook feed, flick through the news, and even stroll through Wal*Mart. But, sadly, what hit me most were things flowing from my own mouth. The griping, complaining, and pessimistic speech. To be real, I’ve had some definite events which spiraled me in the negative vein, but does that make it okay? Permissible?


I’ve noticed that when I allow negativity to rule me, it affects my mood, my actions, my entire day.

So, I challenged myself.

For the next 24 days leading up to Thanksgiving, I’m going to put a clamp on the old kisser. 🙂 I’m choosing to spread positive conversation, and refrain from the destructive talk that’s been following me around, intruding my thoughts, slipping through my mouth. I’ve discovered even though I’m censoring my words, there’s something freeing about it. Life-giving.

You are more than welcome to join me. I’m keeping myself accountable both with my family and by posting at least one thing I’m thankful for on Facebook. It may seem silly, but I’m hoping this becomes a habit. That positivity would reign supreme with my everyday encounters. And really, if I can remain positive through the elections, and the chaotic schedules over the next weeks or so, then I’m confident I can make this a way of life for me. 🙂 How about you?


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