The Baby Bird Syndrome


I once tolerated something I like to call “The Baby Bird Syndrome.” What is it, you may ask? It’s the chronic addiction of gobbling up information people are feeding you like a baby bird—eyes clenched shut and mouth gaped open. (See photo 🙂 )

I embraced this idea for a good portion of my life, until…it almost ruined me. I made a mistake of trusting someone without questioning their motives or researching their claims. I just shrugged my shoulders and believed them. And of course, everyone has my best interests in mind, right? I was naive and young, but that awful exchange still tries to burden me years later.

So my rant to you concerning this colossal mess we are calling an election is this—don’t believe everything you read! Research it, study it, make certain the claims are true before gobbling it down like grandma’s lasagna.

This is a historical presidential election yet it’s been cheapened to what resembles a crude reality TV show. Or some high school popularity contest.

This concerns me.

My social media pages are flooded with political posts. Some vulgar. Some funny. But all missing one important element. The heartbeat that should pulse every American–the core beliefs of the candidate.

I don’t need to know if the candidate wore a ten-grand suit, but I do need to know what he/she feels about abortion. I don’t care if the candidate’s hair resembles my neighbor’s cat, but I do care what his/her position is on healthcare.

Beliefs. Beliefs. Beliefs.

As a Christian, which candidate will uphold my right to worship?

As a mama who home schools her special needs daughter, who will defend us?

As a parent who chooses not to vaccinate because her daughter had a serious reaction to them, will this person support my decision or overrule it?

Who will keep our nation secure from the vicious evil attempting to invade our borders?

Lastly, which candidate will select the proper, most-qualified Supreme Court Justice? Because now we’re talking about my kids’ future.

All of these questions matter to me, and the answers will result in who I back. I implore you friend, do not consume without looking at what you’re “eating.” Research. Validate. Then…vote. 🙂


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