The Beauty of the Blossom


Humid air clogged my lungs. Exhaustion from the day before drenched my desire for exercise, like the morning’s dew through my Skechers. The steri-strips on my legs reminded me the excursion was “required.”

So the monotonous routine commenced—ambling ‘round in the cemetery behind my house for the next thirty minutes. Nothing but the crunch of gravel under my feet and the squawking of birds above my head. Same old, same old, until…I spied it.

Amongst the early-fallen leaves and overgrown shrubs stood a solitary daffodil.

I stared at the vibrant yellow flower for several heartbeats, snapped the picture you’ve seen above, and experienced a total “God-Moment.”

Daffodils bloom early spring, blossoming even before the trees are filled with leaves.

That’s what made my discovery all the more extraordinary. It was September seventh. Almost fall. All the other daffodils are wilted, disintegrated, but this one stood tall and bright, alone and beautiful.While everything else around is dying, it’s fresh with life.

Here it is, friend. Our prayers may not blossom when we expect them to. We may have been staring at the tilled soil of our lives, wondering, waiting for something to bloom. Hold onto your faith, unwavering. Do not toss aside your hope. The seed is in the ground. Your dream will bloom. It may not me your timing, but it will be God’s. Just like the daffodil, He makes everything beautiful in its time. He’s not slack concerning His promises.

And honestly, when you receive your blessing, I believe you’ll value it more than if you’d received it instantaneously. To me, that was the prettiest daffodil I’ve ever seen. (my sorry snapshot didn’t do it justice :/ ) It was unique, almost a treasure.

I believe there’s beauty in endurance. There’s something fascinating about having a full confidence in God even when it looks like nothing will flourish. Keep watering your heart with His word, trusting the sunshine of His presence to bring about results in your life. Don’t become weary in doing good for in due time you will reap a harvest if you do not faint.  🙂


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