Joy Thieves


It’s Monday afternoon. You’re standing by the stove, cooking grilled cheese sandwiches for your children, humming. At once, your son shouts, pulling your attention. He cries he accidentally spilt his entire glass of milk all over the couch. Next your daughter yells from upstairs. Her finger is pinched in the closet door. You rush to her and delicately dislodge her pinky. And yes, she’s still screaming. The cell vibrates in your pocket. The call you’ve waited on all day, now lighting up your smart phone. You scurry into the bathroom, shutting the door behind you. You fudge your way through the important call, hoping you’ve made at least one coherent point. Wait. What’s that smell? The grilled cheese! You bolt down the steps and cringe at the remains of the charred sandwich. Face palm.

On days like that it’s easy to lose your cool. In fact, infuriatingly simple. I’ve been there, and I’m sure you have, too. When I was a new mom, situations like that would rattle me for the entire day. I’d cry to my husband, calling him at his work. Maybe eat way too much chocolate and guzzle the ibuprofen bottle. But I’ve noticed something. During those moments, I’d lose my joy. And when I lost my joy, I spiraled down into an emotional mess, totally depleted of strength.

So here’s my message to you. HOLD ON TO YOUR JOY. And yes, I was shouting 🙂 Friends, it’s so important. Yes, we have moments, but don’t let the situation sink its hooks into you that you can’t function for the rest of the day. It’s not worth it. Those circumstances come to steal from us. Joy thieves.

The Bible says “The joy of the Lord is your strength.” God delights in me, even if I burn the grilled cheese, or drop the chocolate pudding pie all over the floor, or leave a pen in my jean’s pocket then wash it, turning the entire load blue. (Yes, I’ve done all these things) During those moments, I need Him. I need His strength. I need His joy. To cling to His promises instead of clutching the hopelessness in the situation.

So what about you? Have you been tempted to lose your joy lately? How do you deal with it?


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