What judges our worth?


Staring out my sliding glass door, I sighed at the now familiar sight. Each time I gaze upon it, a new heaviness settles in my soul. What am I referring to?

The half-masted flag.

A cemetery is located directly behind our house. It’s small, nicely kept, and a beautiful memorial dedicated to our service men and women surrounds an American Flag.

Beginning with the tragedy in Orlando, to the shootings in Texas and Louisiana, ending in the latest devastations overseas in France and Germany, the flag has held its grieving state for weeks, along with the majority of America. Our communities mourned when numerous lives have ended tragically and unnecessarily.

The notion underlying these horrific events is human lives are expendable. Worthless. Even a certain political candidate declared that unborn children have no constitutional rights. Friend, what happened to our society? This is tragic.

So all this stirring in me prompted a solitary question—how much are we worth?

When we were looking for a house, the real estate agent would say a house’s worth depended solely on what a person would pay for it. It didn’t matter if it was a new construction or recently remodeled with modern features. Its value was in how much it was purchased for.

So keeping in that same vein, our value lies in the price paid for us. Do you know how much we cost? Here’s the price tag. God’s only Son lived his entire existence sinless, abstaining from evil to the point he perspired blood. He was despised, tortured, and crucified. He suffered the flames of hell and then was gloriously resurrected. He paid an intensely high price for us.

This price didn’t depend on our gender, color, or nationality. He purchased us, destroying the sin nature residing in the heart of EVERY human. Which leads me to another point. The price he paid was the same for you and for me. Our worth is equal. Red and yellow, black and white we are precious in His sight.


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