In Hope

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Against hope, in hope believed.

This phrase has been stirring in me over the past few days. The words are from Romans 4:18, and it’s describing Abraham and his situation. For those who may not know, Abraham was 100 years old and his wife, Sarah, was 90, and they were wanted a child.

So yeah, it looked hopeless. I’m sure the circumstance screamed at them, laughed at them every day, because obviously they weren’t getting any younger. So against the law of nature, against all odds, against any hope, in hope Abraham believed. What was the hope he believed? Hope in God’s Word. That one promise was all they had to cling to, but it was enough. 🙂 For Sarah conceived a son and named him Isaac.

I’ve seen this again and again in my life. When we were first married, we would go over our monthly bank statement and shake our heads. The paper noted we spent more than we brought in. And trust me, we weren’t extravagant. I remember rejoicing over an $8 shirt I bought at Old Navy. No, the money was used for our rent, both our school tuitions, and utilities and food. The numbers shown we had no money. Against hope, believe in hope. It looked like we were in a financial black hole, but we never missed a bill and our fridge was always full.

So what about you? Are you facing a situation that looks absolutely impossible? I mean, you’re looking at the entire picture, scratching you head, your mind’s yelling “No way!” Yet, there is a way. Against hope, believe in hope. Dare to believe the impossible. Close your eyes, plug your ears, shut yourself out to the million voices saying “it can’t be done,” and tune in to your heart where the God of all hope is saying, “With Me all things are possible.”


2 thoughts on “In Hope

  1. One of my favorite verses comes from just before the one you’re writing about and speaks to this, too! Romans 5:5 “and hope does not put us to shame, because God’s love has been poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirit who has been given to us.” Hope has been such a theme for me lately. Thanks for this post! 🙂

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