I saw a miracle


I saw a miracle yesterday. If someone would’ve walked past, they’d have missed it. To them it might’ve been slight, nothing out of the ordinary, but to me it was huge.

If you know me, or about me, you’d know that my husband and I have been believing God for our daughter’s healing. (She was diagnosed with ASD when she was three.) Along with emotion control, we’ve been targeting her verbal skills in prayer. So here’s my miracle.

For years, when my daughter would get excited, she would flap her arms and squeal (kinda loudly).  In her exuberance, I would tell her to use her words. To say—I’m excited. She’d never done it, but I’d tell her nonetheless.

Yesterday, we were swimming, and she saw her aunt. Her arms started flapping and her voice started getting higher pitched, but then she stopped. “I’m excited!” She said, perfect and clear as day. 🙂

My heart turned somersaults. My sister-in-law was there to share the moment. Again, to most that would seem nothing. Others would want to see something earth-shattering, mind-blowing, but that moment put something in me. Hope. It inspired me to believe MORE. Why did Jesus perform miracles? Yes, to relieve the burdened and set the oppressed free, but also to captivate the attention of those around. To inspire them to believe on Him.

So to me, yesterday was a miracle.

How often do we search for the over-the-top, spectacular that we miss the miraculous? I believe God fills our days with these moments. I don’t want to overlook a single one.  At the pool, I saw His hand on my daughter. I took it as a faith-nudge. As a—Don’t give up, you got this—kind of reminder. That my faith is working and as a result He is working in her life.

So what about you? What has He been showing you?


2 thoughts on “I saw a miracle

  1. Hallelujah! I cried Happy Tears as I read this. My son has Aspergers. He is high functioning, howeve,r there are tasks that are so difficult for him. When he masters that task I want to do cartwheels. I praise God with you. Never give up. Thank you for sharing.

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