When God Wants Me to Be Brave

lucy-aslan-jpg-wikinarnia-the-chronicles-of-narnia-c-s-lewis-T5vy5r-quoteFear. The evil that’s persistent just as it is ugly. If you read my last post or are acquainted with me, then you’d  know that before my son was born I miscarried. Dread plagued me during that time. It tormented me until all peace was gone.

When I found out I was pregnant again, the same demon reared its ugly head. But this time, it was different. I heard a song . Nichole Nordeman’s Brave.

“It was fear that tied me down to everything. But it was love, Your love, that cut the strings.”

When I listened to that, something went off in me. God loved me with an undying, unfailing love. And that made me brave.

His love made gave me courage to look fear in its eye.

The image above was taken from the Narnia movie, Prince Caspian. It was my favorite part.  Thousands of enemies charged toward one small girl, Lucy. But the entire legion of soldiers stopped cold when they saw who stood behind her—Aslan. Aslan was a representation of Jesus. We may seem small, out-numbered, and feeling like the battle is lost, but we have to remember who is standing behind us. He wants us to be brave.

Your turn 🙂 God uses songs to help me through trying times. What about you?






2 thoughts on “When God Wants Me to Be Brave

  1. Songs totally help me too. I just love drowning out everything and listening to good, inspirational, Christian music. One of my favorites is “Brother” by NEEDTOBREATHE.
    I love the rush of faith, love, and hope I feel when I listen to certain songs!

    Oh, Prince Caspian is my favorite Narnia movie!! That’s my favorite part, too!

    ❤, Hann

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