Being There


It’s 10:24 PM.

I have a child wide awake beside me and another that just came in asking for a drink of water. The past few days have been a whirlwind. Not bad, just busy. And now, it’s late and I remember—Hey, I don’t have a blogpost for tomorrow. I searched my brain for some clever topic to write about, something moving and exciting, but all I got was static. Yet, I didn’t feel any guilt. No. Because of the definite reason-


Yes, my days have consisted of library trips, park runs, McDonald lunches, and my personal favorite—water balloon filling. It’s important to me. Being there. Hearing my children giggle and sing. Laughing with them at jokes that don’t make any sense and spinning around in circles until we fall down. It may seem insignificant, but one day, I won’t have that anymore.

Soon they’ll be grown. And right now will be a memory.

I want my children to remember that mommy spent time with them. I want their minds to be filled with the stories I read, the Bible lessons I taught, and songs we sang.

What I don’t want is for them to recall that mommy was forever on her laptop or her phone. That mommy was always busy or said “give me a minute” and then forgot about them.

I want them to remember, I was there.

So yes, this post is a little different than my others. Sorta a “random thought” kind of spiel, but all the same, it’s an idea that has been stirring in my heart lately. Being there.

So how about you? What is one thing you hope for this summer? Tell me about it in a comment 🙂




2 thoughts on “Being There

  1. Ack, sorry I’ve been forgetting to comment on your recent posts – I’ve been reading each one, though!

    Aw, I love this. ❤ You sound like such a wonderful Momma; your kids are blessed!
    Ah, summer. I hope you have a wonderful few free months! (I'm doing school, haha, but hopefully I'll get out enough to have some fun!) Thanks for this great reminder; even though I don't have kids now, it's so good to remember that spending time with people — family especially — is so important. Time is invaluable!

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