When God puts two people together.


“If the guy’s not a Christian, I don’t give him the time of day.” My fourteen-year-old mind was blown away at this statement. My friend, Leslie, said this casually, like she would if she was talking about the weather. But to me, I was shocked.

Only date guys who were Christians? I never heard this kind of “philosophy.”  Never read it in Cosmopolitan, never heard it on MTV. (Yes, I used to expose my teenage-self to those forms of media) I don’t believe she knew how much that riveted my thoughts. Not sure, if I ever told her, come to think of it. So back then, I did what any other girl would do. I watched. I wanted to see if she’d stick true to her claim.

Leslie had always been the silent gorgeous. Quiet and stunning. (She’d probably hit me for saying this, but it’s true.) Her large watercolor eyes sparkled, changing hues depending on her outfit. No joke. The girl has some spectacular eyeballs.

I witnessed her turn down the fellas. I’ve seen her subdue her attitude around the boys so they wouldn’t get the wrong idea of her. I’ve see her dress modestly as to not attract the wrong attention. I was fascinated. Intrigued.

Fast forward a couple months. A guy named Aaron walks on the scene, and every girl between the ages of 15 to 25 has a crush on him. (*minus me, I had my eyes on my future hubby) Anyways, Aaron makes a similar declaration as Leslie. “The next girl I hold hands with is going to be my wife.” Basically saying, the next girl he dated, it was for forever. Now, my mind is double-blown. So again, I watched.

Due to circumstances beyond my control, I lost everyday contact with Leslie with the exception of an email here or there. Yet one day, I get a letter in the mail from her. I opened it and the first sentence reads, “Aaron and I are getting married.” I cried. It was like watching God’s hand. During those two years prior, I observed their godly behavior and never once did they trip up. God upheld them. Honored them. Then God placed them together, and today they celebrate their 15th wedding anniversary!

Over the past fifteen years, they had been such a godly couple, caring for each other and for the three beautiful girls God had given them. Leslie and Aaron Reese, thank you for showing me true love begins with loving Jesus and living for Him. When we put God first, we can trust him to bring the right person in our lives.



3 thoughts on “When God puts two people together.

  1. Omw, that’s so sweet, and I’m happy for them. That is what I truly desire.

    So one day, as I was watching ’19 Kids and Counting’, before it was canceled, it struck me that the Duggars didn’t kiss until they were married. They held hands when they got engaged, had chaperones on their dates, and overall were very godly about their ‘courting’. Right then and there, I made a promise to myself. I said, “I will not kiss until my marriage day. I will not date a non-Christian guy. I will set boundaries with my man on the first day, and if he doesn’t respect them, he’s out the window.” (Maybe not exactly like that, but it was like two years ago.)
    So yeah. It’s hard, seeing all the girls and boys my age pairing off (not so much at church, but I still see it). But with prayer, I’ve been able to crush the lust, the longing, and stay true to my word. But I know life only gets harder, so I’m praying I’ll stick to my decision.

    I don’t know why, but I just felt like sharing that with someone. Most of the people I tell are like, “Ugh, why would you do that? That’s weird.” (Again, exaggeration)

    Have a great day, Rachel 🙂

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    1. No, that’s not weird! It’s godly 🙂 I was there, Hann. My teenage years I watched my high school friends and their boyfriends. I was often the “third wheel.” But hey, now I can brag that my hubby was my first boyfriend, my first love, etc. Thank you for sharing, darlin’! God will back your will and bring the desires of your heart to pass ❤

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      1. Yeah. I’m often enough the third wheel, especially because I’m homeschooled and we move so much. But ya’know, it makes it more special when I find that awesome bestie. (My sister is currently my #1)
        Thanks, Rachel ❤

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