Writing Info and Trivia


Happy Wednesday, Friend! Wanted to let you in on all that had been going on here, writing wise. 🙂

Writing recap:

March and April have been fabulous writing months! I got my first article publication in Western NY Family Magazine, and I won the ACFW PA New Beginnings contest! *still squealing* Also, I went to a writing camp J Okay, It was a virtual writing camp, but my cabin members were awesome! I made new friends and edited a lot of my novel. *Miss you Dragon’s Roost members * Guess what, I only have 30 pages left of rewrites! 30! I kinda have to redo my entire ending in those thirty pages, but hey, the end is in sight!!!!! (Yes, I went crazy on the exclamation points on purpose) Editing was more challenging for me, because it takes precision and discipline.

So onto something fun. I saw this on an author’s blog and thought it would be amusing to try. I am going to list ten things about me. But in those ten are two lies. Can you figure out which ones aren’t true?

  1. I sang in a professional baseball stadium. The echo was distracting.
  2. Fish is better than steak. I am kinda addicted to sushi.
  3. I sat on an alligator’s back. It was really creepy.
  4. I was a pitcher in high school. I pitched every game for four years.
  5. My husband and I went to Niagara Falls for our honeymoon. The lights at night…so cool.
  6. In college, I did a ten-minute speech in six minutes. I tend to talk fast.
  7. I went sky-diving in Bartlesville, OK. It’s not for the faint of heart…or stomach
  8. I never broke a bone. They say milk is the reason, but I never drank it. Go figure.
  9. My hair has been dyed red, black, blonde, and brown.
  10. I am direction impaired. I get turned around in Wal*Mart.


Have you figured it out? Tell me in a comment along with a wacky fact about yourself! A very Happy Birthday to my sister-in-law! Have a beautiful day, Les!!

Thanks for reading, friend 🙂


9 thoughts on “Writing Info and Trivia

  1. Is it 2 & 3 that aren’t true?
    Well a wacky fact about myself is that one of my favorite things about summer is floating on my back in the water- at the Firestone pool, Lake Erie, Aunt Jenny’s pool…anywhere! I feel myself just floating in God’s liquid love and relax with the sun on my face 🙂 Not too exciting but nonetheless I’m so looking forward to it!

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