The Heart of God in a Daddy



The morning air numbed my senses, reminding me it was too early for me to be out on a Saturday. But, we (my family and I) were on a mission. So with our hands stuffed in our sweatshirts, we walked to the park. It was race day at Firestone, supporting a fabulous cause—my son’s Christian school. I entered my children for the fun run, a breeze for my son but a challenge for my daughter. The girl has cheetah running skills, but my concern was about her focus.

She never participated in anything organized and for that reason I chose to run with her. The children lined up, and I positioned behind my daughter. 3…2…1. They’re off. The traipsing of small feet and fluttering of high-pitched giggles riddled the frigid air—my daughter being the loudest. She lagged behind, absorbing the moment, glancing in various directions. The first half of the race had been uphill. My calves were burning, and by that time, each breath stabbed my lungs. (Very pathetic, but true nonetheless.) We rounded the orange cone and the last leg of the race was, you guessed it, down hill. By now, this out-of-shape mama was concentrating not to trip over her feet and roll to the finish line. So I slowed my pace and let her finish by herself. This is when the moment of moments started.

My husband waited at the finish line, cheering her on. The endearment in his face and the encouragement in his voice was so moving. After the race was over, we meandered a bit and then started home. The cold air marked our girl, reddening her nose and hands. Without hesitation my husband took off his jacket, wrapped her up, and pressed a kiss to her temple. Now the man was in short sleeves, but he didn’t complain. (Later he told me he was actually warmer after that action. Isn’t God good :)) She stopped and turned to her daddy. “Hold me.” He scooped her up and carried her the rest of the way. (I took the picture, not knowing I was going to use it for a post. I wanted to capture the moment.)

As I reflected on the morning, I had an aha moment! That’s how my Father God is with me every day. When the winds of circumstance carry I chill I can’t endure, he wraps me in his promises. I will never leave you. He kisses my thoughts. I love you with an everlasting love.  When life’s road makes me weary, He carries me on wings as of eagles. He stands at the finish line, calling my name, cheering me on.

I saw God’s heart in my husband that morning. What about you? Was there a time you seen God in the life of another person? Share below.

Thanks for reading, friend 🙂








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