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Quiz time. What national week is it? Do ya know? So yeah, it’s IRS crunch week, but beyond that depression is something more cheerful. It’s National Library Week! Most say big whoop, but for me, I am about to dish out some major library love. ❤

For years, I’ve told my husband my dream job would be a librarian. I know, I’m weird, but there’s something to be said about a room full of books and silence. And I am kind of fascinated with the smell of paper. Again, I know I’m weird.

But seriously, I love my local library. The librarians there are fabulous. They are kind to my child when the noise level is excessive, they don’t mind holding over ten books at a time for me, and they never nag me about my fines. (I’m not the promptest when it comes to returning books) My children participate in their summer reading program, and this past fall, my son took an awesome art class there.

And I am happy to say I have passed my love of libraries to my children! *grins * My son always begs me to take him there, and I confess I have used the library trip as an ultimatum. Clean your room or no library- works every time 🙂

So for the love of books, let me ask you. What keeps you turning the pages? What is it that draws you into a story? Or the opposite, what makes you close the book and never finish? I love books with vivid, larger-than-life characters. If a character is dry and boring the story is, too. Also, I get lost in lengthy descriptions. And don’t get me started on insta-love romances. But, I am a sucker for well-written and heated dialogue. That’s a few of mine. What’s yours?

(And yes, there is an angle in these questions given that I am currently editing my story and could use all the feedback I can get.)

Let me know your answer in a comment below and I will put your name in a drawing to win a cup of coffee via Starbucks. Because coffee and books are a happy blend! 🙂

I’ll announce the winner on next week’s blog post.

Thanks for reading, friend.


9 thoughts on “For the Love of Books

  1. Hmm, what makes me keep turning the pages of a book? Captivating writing. Characters and situations that play my emotions (I love books that make me cry, whether out of tragedy or joy. Don’t know why) or make me laugh. Characters that are relatable, but not boring. Books that make me //feel// something for the characters instead of saying, “Oh, that’s too bad” when they get shot or die or whatever. xD

    What makes me stop reading? Implausibility. Plausibility and believability are super important to me in books, especially in fantasy. Not everything is going to “be okay” or magically work out. When everything just seems too easy, it becomes just another flat story from someone’s imagination instead of a world that pops off the page and insists to me that it’s real.
    Also, like you said, insta-love. That also goes with the realism of a story. Love is so much more than a feeling.
    Or when names are way too hard to keep straight and everything just looks like sdflkjaskfjhkdjfaskfkkbkhgkgakriotgjhkj. That saps my attention because names of characters/races/places/etc can just be so distracting.

    Happy National Library Week! *happy dances* 🙂

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      1. The thing that keeps me turning the pages in a book is a character that I can identify with in some way and that is believable- not “pie in the sky.” If it’s someone I can relate to I like to see what worked for them and what didn’t, no matter what the story is about. What they did to get through the crux of the story, to get my mind to think deeper…to ponder. I like to see the main character as an overcomer in some way and it definitely has to have a feel good ending.
        That’s what does it for me

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  2. So, first time commenting on your blog!!!! *happy dance* 🙂

    Alright, things that keeps me turning pages:
    Typically very funny/humorous dialog (I just love it when people are hilarious, I guess cuz I can relate), interesting world building (I mean, who doesn’t?), reparable characters, and emotional content (I got mad at Tawny for the way she treated Parvin in “A Time to Speak”)
    Things that turn me off:
    Three words: in-fo-dump. I hate it. I’m like, serious, just stop being lazy and find a way to incorporate it into the story!
    Also, I don’t like perfect characters, insta-love, or the boy-and-girl-meet-and-hate-each-other-then-end-up-being-the-cutest-couple-EVER thing.
    (PS, I don’t like coffee, so please don’t enter me in that :))

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    1. Gotcha! “Boy meets girl, hate each other and up the cutest couple ever” So funny! And yes, it’s an overused romance trick. I agree, I hate when characters are mean and cruel. (You want to reach inside the page and slap ’em around a little) Thanks for commenting, Hann! And you’re always welcome to happy dance on my blog 😉

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      1. Yes!! I once got so mad at a char in a book I almost screamed! XD
        I haven’t once thrown a book across a room yet, though…
        (And, for some reason, my phone corrected ‘relatable’ into ‘reparable’
        *face desk*)

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