Why I Write Romance Stories


Why do I write romance stories? Okay the first reason being—I am a BIG sap! Yep, I’ve been known to get misty-eyed during lame jewelry commercials, and snuggle to hubby’s arm during the ooey gooey parts of movies. So yes, I love…well, love. The second reason is the awesome parallel between Jesus and the church. How Jesus gave up Himself up for the church. Gave up everything to bring life to the dead.

I heard this once. The difference between lust and love. Lust sacrifices others to benefit itself. Love sacrifices itself to benefit others. Those definitions have purged my motives many times.

In my novel, the hero’s objective is to convince the heroine that true love does exist. That it’s not a feeling, not something you fall in and out of, but it’s a commitment. Love is a choice.

Reality is, I would have no clue to how to write a romance without the influence of hubby. He showed me the definition of unconditional love. Like when we were first married, he suffered through all my cooking flops, taking the charred, unrecognizable scraps of meat for himself and giving me the best portions. People, that was love. There’s so many examples of how he’d sacrifice over and over for me.

He’s loved me at my worst, held me during life’s darkest moments, and cheered as my number one fan at my successes. And he buys me chocolate.

Early in our marriage, we decided on one thing. No matter how heated an argument gets, no matter how furious we are, even if we’re breathing fire, we NEVER use the D-word. Divorce. We agreed to never threaten one another with that cruel, gut-wrenching ultimatum. That we both in this thing together. For the long haul. Not that we argue a lot. Honestly, it’s a very rare occurrence. But if we do, we hold true to our pact, and to each other.

So why do I write romance? Because I believe that love never fails. I believe that beauty is unearthed in a strong, steadfast relationship. So I read romance. I write romance. But greater than that, I live romance with my forever-crush!


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