Sapphire Secrets Review


Want to read intrigue with a dance? I did, and it was fabulous. Let me tell you all that Sapphire Secrets delivers. First, here’s a brief description.
Livy McCreary has life at her command, enjoying the satisfaction of a blossoming dance studio which she teaches with her twin sister, and savoring a budding romance with hunky Will. Yet, there was a missing piece to her happiness—the mystery behind her mother’s death? Yes, it was twenty years ago. Yes, her family told her there was no foul play, but something in Livy’s gut wouldn’t let it be settled. What about the trauma she experienced and her twin sister didn’t? Weren’t twins supposed to react the same? Did she see something that her mind’s eye wants to remain blinded to? If only she could remember.
Her zeal for truth overtakes her, digging up memories her family wished to remain buried, questioning those she loved to the point of making them uncomfortable. It all came to a head when she calls her famous rock star father. Surely he knows. The phone call numbs her to her surroundings, allowing a tragic accident to take place that shakes Livy’s world.
When questions nag uncontrollably, the answer comes in the form of confident Scott Lorenzo. He challenges her New Age upbringing and introduces her to the Truth. Will Livy embrace this new life she reads about in the Bible Scott gave her? Will this mystery unravel or come to a halt like everything else in her life?
The author, Dawn V. Cahill, weaved a beautiful message of truth and forgiveness. The plot had twists and turns that kept you guessing. (And I admit that I gasped a couple times 🙂 ) I adored the characters, which were believable and relatable.
Delicate issues, such as substance abuse and new age philosophy, were addressed so masterfully that you didn’t realize until you put the book down all the strong points that were encrypted in. You get ministered to without being preached at. It’s stealthy, like mixing broccoli into the brownie batter—soul healthy and tasteful.
From the opening pages to the final passages, I found the powerful message of redemption—truth sets you free.
So I confess that my description above was a teaser of sorts, but I couldn’t spoil all the good parts. And there were plenty. Like the time I recorded the football game for my husband while he was working. When he got home, he did not want anyone telling him who won. He wanted to experience it himself. Same with you. I want you to experience Livy’s journey for yourself. And you can!
Write a comment below for a chance to win a copy of Sapphire Secrets. Because the main characters were dancers, a lot of reference was made to music. So tell me what music you listen to. Or tell me what you love about reading. Or just say “Howdy.”
I’ll draw the name Tuesday night (you can enter until then), and I’ll let you know on my next Wednesday post who the winner is. If your name doesn’t get drawn you can purchase a copy of Sapphire Secrets on Amazon. Buy Sapphire Secrets

*I received a free copy of Sapphire Secrets in exchange for a honest review.


3 thoughts on “Sapphire Secrets Review

  1. You really know how to dangle a carrot in front of someone’s nose 🙂
    Sounds like a great read-even if I don’t win the drawing I’ll check this one out
    As far as music ?, nothing quenches my “thirst” like what Pastor Joe plays on Friday nights at VCC.
    All kinds of music – that really hits the heart ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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