Legacy…what is yours?


Zella. Theron. Savillia. Can you identify these words?

To me, they sound like names from those prescription ads. You know, the ones with a bazillion side effects. The pills that might kill you but you won’t have any nicotine cravings. Ahem. Anyways, these words aren’t prescriptions at all. They are first names. (Zella born1898, Theron born 1856, Savillia born 1901)

Behind my house, in a half-mile stretch, lay two centuries worth of humanity. Okay, it’s a cemetery, but to me, it’s a sliver of history. Each plot holds a life story. Dreams, fears. Failure, success. Did they love? Were they loved? How were they remembered after they were gone? All of this caused me to wonder about legacy.

Sounds deep, but it’s not…really. It’s what you leave behind. How do you want to be remembered? When your children are grown, how would you like them to reflect on their childhood? Maybe to reminiscence on how you were their rock—always steady and reliable. Maybe to consider you as their peace—always had soothing tones and loving arms after a day in the chaotic world.

If there was only one thing my kids remembered about me, I want it to be my love for Jesus. I soooo want to instill that into my children. Everything else hinges off of it. That’s why I read my Bible in front of them. Pray in front of them. And, those times when Momma loses her cool, I repent in front of them. Why? I want them to see Mommy’s relationship with Jesus is real and constant. Not just Sunday mornings, Christmas, and Easter.

It’s important for those two sets of eyeballs to see that their parents needed a Savior. Yes, for the big things but also for the small. Decisions, strength, and even to love the not-so-lovely. That Jesus isn’t just a picture on the wall or a story on a page, but an ever-present Lord who wants to be included in the details of our lives.

I saw on my facebook feed a quote—Teach your children to love Jesus, because there’s a world out there that will teach them not to.

So what about you? What legacy would you like to leave? Tell me in a comment below. Thanks so much for reading! 🙂

(Photo credit- Columbiana Firestone Cemetery)


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