My daughter, my hero

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We all face challenges. You know, that certain evil that shows up wearing boxing gloves. And the fight is on. This obstacle may be easy for others to overcome, almost frustratingly simple to them, but for some reason we struggle with it.

My daughter was diagnosed with autism when she was three. Everyday her eyes open and she climbs the mountain to win the day. Fighting to express her feelings. Searching for the right words, so mommy could understand.

As a parent, you hate to see your child struggle. Hate to see her miss out on things she should be participating in. Hate to see her tear-stained face when the frustration overwhelms her. It hurts. A lot.

She’s just like every other child. She loves to giggle and be silly. Swing on a breezy day. And she can’t resist a good knock knock joke.

One thing that I wish I could tell every person is how much she understands. I have witnessed the bloom in her eyes wilt when a negative comment is directed toward her. Just because she couldn’t voice it, doesn’t mean she couldn’t comprehend it. She does hear it. She knows it. She feels it. Yet, she rallies. Gets up and trudges on. My blue-eyed darling.

Because I home school her, I evaluate her often. The attribute she possesses that astounds me the most is persistence. At first glance, it doesn’t seem that fabulous. Like when I tell her NO a gazillion times and she won’t surrender the notion. But, there’s beauty in her sounding out a difficult spelling word and not stopping until it’s conquered. Or when she rewinds an educational DVD incessantly until she has it memorized. (really, the child learned her months of the year in five minutes.) I am awed by that. Already, she has mastered life skills that no one expected her to pass. And she’s not done yet. 🙂

Then, there’s her heart. So pure. So honest. She loves her Jesus. In fact, she calls her Ipod her “By Jesus” because she would take videos of herself quoting Bible scriptures and singing Bible songs. Her favorite—By Jesus stripes you were healed. I melt every time. (I just imagine how sweet it sounds in God’s ear.)

So my hero doesn’t don a cape but a princess dress. My hero doesn’t fly but can do a mean somersault. My hero inspires me to be stronger, to love greater, and to rule in life. My hero answers to the name—Maegan.


Thanks for reading! What challenges do you face? I’d love to pray for you. Any recent victories? Share below in the comments or just say HI! 🙂



6 thoughts on “My daughter, my hero

  1. This was so touching and from your momma’s heart. I feel the same about my son. He is on the other spectrum. He was found to be gifted and is very bored at school because he is not being challenged enough. I may end up homeschooling him too, but I want to let him have the experience of being around other kids.


    1. Thank you, Leslie! Homeschooling is an undertaking, but worth it. If you do decide to take the plunge. I can get resources for you. 🙂 (Plus there are homeschool groups in your area. I have a friend that belongs to a very good one) Thanks for commenting!


  2. All I can say is wow. What talent
    What insight. Makes my heart melt and moves me to tears.
    I can’t wait to read one of your books. So thankful to have read this
    Will read it again for sure to answer each thought provoking and inspiring question 😊


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